Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Emotional Electro

Why can't you see / What you're doing to me / Why can't you feel / That our love is real

Not the kind of lyrics you'd expect in an electronic song, but here they are, all emo'd up and in the DFA-Produced Juan Maclean's "Love Is In The Air." Seconds after the lyrics have set in, the music bursts into an electro summer playground, and is one of the most fun 3 minutes you'll hear this year. The rest of the album, Less Than Human is incredibly good as well: precise, punchy and yet undeniably emotional. If you liked "Give Me Every Little Thing" from the DFA Compilation #2, which it would be completely understandable if you did, you'll be surprised to hear that many other tracks on the album eclipse that song. How is this possible, you say?! Better go listen to it.


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