Wednesday, June 29, 2005


So I'm reading this book, and it's like the best book ever. It's called Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk, and the main man behind it is Legs McNeil, co-founder of Punk magazine, and the original person to call that music punk. Anyway, this book is awesome, here's an exerpt from it, I love it:
Damita [Groupie], on the night she meets Joey Ramone: ... Joey says to me, "Oh, are we going home now?"
This girl was following us right to his door and Joey goes, "Well, we're going to bed."
She goes, "Oh, that's it! And I took the train all the way in from the Bronx!"
So we said, "Okay, come on up."
We were sitting on his bed giggling and kissing and she was sitting on the corner of the bed crying.
Joey said to her, "Hey, do you want to watch TV? Just keep it low, so Arturo don't wake up."
The girl went off and we heard her fumbling around in the dark. She knocked a bunch of stuff over and Arturo jumped up screaming and threw her out. Me and Joey were just laughing our heads off, but trying to be quiet so Arturo didn't scream at us.
I ended up fucking Joey, but it was like really awkward the next morning. He was looking for his glasses. I couldn't find my bra.
Anyway, the whole book is like this. Amazing. Some of the shit about the Dead Boys, the drugs and the fights are just sick. Makes me realize how NOT punk rock I am, sitting here at my office job typing on a blog. Oh well!

Oh yea, apparently Eleanor Friedberger (The Fiery Furnaces) is now a model for Miu Miu (fashion label by Miuicci Prada), alongside some other famous names.

Full story here.


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