Thursday, June 23, 2005

New Pornography

It has recently been announced that August 23rd, 2005 will see the release of the new album by the New Pornographers, titled Twin Cinema. If any of you haven't heard the wonderfully oversaturated electric rainbow that is this band, I highly suggest that you start hitting that shit up. The absolutely most important part of this news that the band will be touring in support of the album and for the first time, singer/songwriter/contributer Dan Bejar (of Destroyer fame) will be hitting the stage with the band. Just to make it all more exciting, Destroyer will be playing an opening set. Bejar is a crazy dude, and I'm stoked to see him with the Pornos, but the closest show is in LA on the 29th of September. Neko Case won't be making the shows, but.. but.. Dan Bejar! Hell, I think I'll listen to Electric Version right now.

In other news, my hair looks very different today. I think I like it.

So according to the Billboard Album chart, Coldplay's mediocre new release X & Y is at #1 in the USA, ahead of both the Foo Fighters and the Backstreet Boys, proving that America likes nothing more than more of the same. We don't expect them to understand, anyway.

The New Pornographers Official Website
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