Friday, April 08, 2005


I know, I haven't updated in awhile. Just didn't feel like it.

So this morning I went to go take some photos of a class at the gym for a flyer. Standard operating procedure. Walk in, all the girls look at you for awhile, act uneasy about being photographed (sorry ladies. when you sign up for the gym, you give us permission to use photos of you at all times - I know, it's sleazy), you hear a song or two playing in the studio - generally a crappy techno remix of an 80s power ballad or 90s alternative hit - take 25 pictures, and you're done. Today, standard operating procedure, except as I walk in I hear the unmistakable line, "We get high in backseat circles," backed up by that unmistakable swing piano line. Shit. I wasn't ready for this - now I was surrounded by 25 girls in tight clothes, and one of them had the taste to throw in Spoon. Sounds like the start of a good day.

I don't talk when I'm taking pictures, but I decided, in the case of some excellent music actually being played in the studio to throw out a couple words to the instructor of the class. I was half expecting to have met the woman of my dreams - active, attractive girl who listens to Spoon, and has the audacity to force the entire gym class to do the same. I shouldn't have said anything - I should have just left, thinking that this was a possibly life-altering moment, and I passed it up. Well, I didn't. I gave a smirk, pointed my finger up and said "Good song," to the class instructor.

"Oh, I know!" she said. "It's the OC mix."



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