Sunday, February 27, 2005

Dear Friends

Listen to / buy this. Rarely ever do I listen to a record that instantly affects me in the first song, yet remains as endearing and careful all the way to the last. Portland's Matt Ward appreciates the radio show phenomenon (the liner notes are written very particularly to reflect this) and does things in such a classic, organic fashion that he achieves sonically his greatest height yet. I don't know what else to say besides that this is a wonderful piece of art, and if you haven't heard "Radio Campaign," or "I'll Be Yr Bird," you should get on it, quick.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

wild whiskeys

unfortunate news: according to insound, XL has pushed back the release date for MIA's Arular. i didn't get any word on the actual release date (was supposed to be on the 22nd); just that it was postponed. speaking on terms of what i've downloaded (shh), it's incredible. Stylus agrees. they are speculating a mid-march release date.

after listening to Mu's new record,i keep going back to afro finger & gel. the new one is good, but it can't touch af&g. aside from being insane, it deserves credit for renewing my adoration of afro finger.

i told myself i'm not going to write anything about hunter s. thompson. only read fear and loathing and nothing else, so i'm not going to dedicate an entire day to saying rip. too late, i guess, i just wrote something. rip.

friends have been asking me where i got the name for the blog... i'm no alcoholic. i got the name from an unassailably rad Comets on Fire song. i do love a good whiskey though. wild turkey 101 is a favorite, as is the always affordable johnnie walker black label. i won't claim to be a single malt connoiseur (not yet), but for those, the macallan 10 year fine oak is a good deal.

Friday, February 11, 2005

shows etc. etc.

new releases are droppin like mad from bands that i love. is it that there is more good music every year, or that i am cumulatively listening to more music?

the new books record lost and safe is turning out to be awesome. more political and more ethnic. of course, with all the bedlam surrounding beck's new album's non-final version being leaked, it is entirely possible that the minimalistic lost and safe i've been listening to is not the completed record. in either case, it's still a great record.

speaking of beck, see the new video on nme tonight starting at 8pm.

on similar terms, caribou (dan snaith, previously manitoba) has completed his new album the milk of human kindness and it will be released in April. it's good. it's very good.

the new kills album, no wow is coming out in march. it's hot.

the new coachella set list is available online, and the number of bands that i want to see was shamefully reduced from last year's 40 to this year's 8.

lastly, here are some shows to look forward to in san diego:

2/12: The Futureheads at the epicentre
2/15: Rob Crow, Bunky, Bedroom Walls at the casbah
2/18: Aqueduct at the che
2/19: Ted Leo/Pharmacists, The Joggers, U.S.E. at the casbah
2/27: Les Georges Leningrad, Kill Me Tomorrow, Business Lady at the che
3/01: Polysics, The Glossines at the casbah
3/05: Xiu Xiu at the che
3/12: Hella, Numbers at the che
3/26: M Ward, Scout Niblett at the casbah
4/07: Deerhoof at the che
6/04: Of Montreal at the che