Monday, January 31, 2005

things for the new year

so you should be checking out some of the crazy shit coming around town in '05. last year saw a band of murderers, flaming video games and a program of the government with ben gibbard at the top of the charts (practically, anyway).

this year, expect there to be some bloc party action. all year long. these fuckers have already taken over the planet (starting with the nme news page) and their album hasn't even hit the shelves yet. the killers of '05? who knows. unlike the killers, however, their debut album (EPs don't count) "silent alarm" is decent. try not to get too attached though, "bloc party" is going to be the new cuss word at your local commie co-op shows.

speaking of cuss words... the fiery furnaces. the band everyone loves to hate because the critics dug it and you don't get it. their EP - although at 40 minutes and 10 songs should hardly be considered an EP - is amazing. my favorite record of the year, alongside black mountain.

so last night i went to the radio 4 / gogogo airheart show at the casbah. the sound was a bit different for gggah (more abrasion) and the show was intense. i should be able to get some pictures and maybe a live track or two up here.

it's early, the perfect time to fail at going to sleep.