Tuesday, July 19, 2005


• The New York Times' Kelefa Sanneh reviewed the Pitchfork-curated Intonation Music Festival, ultimately giving it a numerical value of 7.3 and making me laugh very hard over it. Sanneh lamented the power that the Fork has in bringing relatively unknown indie bands to relative success, and got smart with putting every performing band into context with their respective Pitchfork numerical value. Overall I enjoyed reading the review, but was disheartened to hear the Go! Team compared to the Black-Eyed Peas (wtf?). Pitchfork may be amateur-operated, but the influence they have comes from a reputation of being spot-on with recommending great pop records and bringing them to the forefront (although their pretentious bravado and obsession with mainstream hip-hop can be pretty retarded; this is mostly a case-by-case issue of different writers). Read the story. Nick Sylvester (cynic, Village Voice) offers a different spin.

• Speaking of Pitchfork's Festival, it was announced there that Broken Social Scene member Dave Newfeld is suing the NYPD for wrongful arrest and use of excessive force after the cops beat the shit out of him and threw him in jail on possession of some weed. Read the story.

• (via Village Voice) Pete Doherty (ex-frontman of the Libertines, current frontman of Babyshambles) is aiming to star in a documentary about his life. Story on Gigwise.

Friday, July 15, 2005


New York Dolls have signed to Roadrunner to begin recording new music which will be released in 2006. Of course, the name "New York Dolls," is kind of subjective in itself, considering that only 2/6 of the original band (including Billy Murcia) are still alive. Fair enough, let's see what Syl Sylvain and David Johansen have got in them - like always, I'm torn between skepticism and hopeful excitement. Full story here.

Dinosaur Jr. is currently on their reunion tour. They will be hitting San Diego on the 15th of August.. is it worth it to go to Soma, for one of the most legendary indie rock bands in existence? Such an answer has yet to be determined, but.. probably. Full date list here.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Emotional Electro

Why can't you see / What you're doing to me / Why can't you feel / That our love is real

Not the kind of lyrics you'd expect in an electronic song, but here they are, all emo'd up and in the DFA-Produced Juan Maclean's "Love Is In The Air." Seconds after the lyrics have set in, the music bursts into an electro summer playground, and is one of the most fun 3 minutes you'll hear this year. The rest of the album, Less Than Human is incredibly good as well: precise, punchy and yet undeniably emotional. If you liked "Give Me Every Little Thing" from the DFA Compilation #2, which it would be completely understandable if you did, you'll be surprised to hear that many other tracks on the album eclipse that song. How is this possible, you say?! Better go listen to it.

Monday, July 11, 2005

The Birds!!!

They're pissing me off to no end. Some parrots decided to move into the neighborhood and they WON'T SHUT UP. Someone needs to put me (read: the birds) out of our misery.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I know I haven't updated in a couple days anyway, but I definitely won't be updating till next monday. Visiting my parents and stuff. See ya!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

John Wayne Gacy, Jr

Tonight I listened much more intently to Illinois, the new Sufjan Stevens album.. When an epic, enormous song is pulled into the album at #3, it seems that every song after which is just to help you come down from the climax; an unfortunate tendency that I have managed to put aside tonight. So this relates, because after the gigantic "Come On! Feel The Illinoise" is over, I listened and was nearly brought to tears by the horrifically beautiful song that follows, "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." This has to be one of the best songs I've heard this year - it sounds corny to say that I only love music that makes me feel something, but this song (like some before it) seems to communicate something amazing to me that is inexplicable by words. It's without a doubt the climax of the album to me now, and I am still just awe-stricken at how wonderful Illinois is in whole. Sufjan managed to achieve the same grandiose songwriting present in "Vito's Ordination Song" for an entire 70-something minutes. Don't be turned off by the Christian shtick or you're going to miss a masterpiece.

On another note, I was over at the Asthmatic Kitty website and noticed that they are no longer selling Illinois; a legal problem needs to be resolved concerning the artwork before they continue selling it. Whoops.

Friday, July 01, 2005

When I Say I'm In Love

You best believe I'm in love, L-U-V. Uhh yea... so highlights from last night:

1) Got a new lighting system in my room
2) Drank lots of beer
3) Sleeping People RULED
4) Finally said hi to this girl I've had a crush on forever but never had the guts to say hi to before.

I am the winner!